Focusing on deep and functional stretching. 

Improving your mobility, balance and working on tight hips, hamstrings, spine, shoulders & core.

It is conscious conditioning bringing a slow, controlled approach to a deep full-body conditioning class.

Purestretch leaves you feeling completely revitalised and energised and is a wonderful workout for all abilities.

This session is best done barefoot to help see improvements in mobility through the body.

✔️Relieves muscular tension

✔️Improves flexibility

✔️Increase range of movement

✔️Build core strength

✔️Help lower back pain

✔️Varied stretch techniques

Wednesdays 7.10pm

30 minutes Live in Zoom or in the EWFit Club

Thursdays 9.30am
FACE to FACE Delamere Park (residents only & friends of residents)

OR in the EWFit Club