Nutrition and Wellbeing


My Time for Change®

A monthly online programme designed for women who want to grow old as young as possible.

This is your holistic approach to health, wellbeing & fitness  

I created the programme to give you a toolkit of nutritional knowledge and education so that you can make informed decisions and look at sustainable and long term relationships with food and fitness that fit in with your life. Creating a lifestyle that enables you to enjoy the life you love!

My programme will activate your entire body, moving you positively and mindfully so you can make leaps in your health, mindset, fitness and well-being. 

Happy and healthy from within is what most women are after.

You’ll receive daily inspirations, delicious recipes, and educating daily vlogs, mindset and lifestyle coaching that will keep you motivated and confident for years to come.

In this energising course, I will guide you through a series of short, yet effective fitness routines designed to tone and strengthen your core, arms, booty, and legs in less than 15 minutes a day. 

Be the YOU, that you deserve to be.  Living the life you love. 

Feeling happier, healthier, lighter, brighter, trimmer (if that’s what you’re after) , having more energy, managing moods, hormones and generally feeling more confident and comfortable with yourself. 

There is no doubt that holding onto what we had or trying to “lose” a few pounds or wear the clothes we want or just manage the stress of life and all that brings gets trickier as we get older. Shape and size often become less important and our priority is to avoid injury, illness and aim to feel as youthful and energetic as we can for as long as we can!  Eating less and moving more isn’t always the answer and it can get very frustrating and disappointing when we seem to be doing everything on paper and not seeing or feeling the rewards!

I designed the programme so that no foods are banned and that activity is manageable. There is no hunger and you don’t feel deprived. Giving you the tools to create habits you can sustain and enjoy so that you don’t need to be “on” or “off” something.

The group is managed in a private Facebook page where you are surrounded by like-minded women. You can watch any videos and vlogs at times to suit you.

Allowing your body to work optimally, without being on a diet and enslaved to fitness is how My Time for Change® is unique.  Not only will you benefit from improved physical changes, it also promotes hormone balance, better sleep and can significantly & positively impact health markers, such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure.  

There is no magical pill when it comes to health and wellbeing, but  this comes pretty close!  It is a simple solution to feeling healthier and live the life you love!  One that many of the 100’s of women who have been on the programme wish they had known about a long time ago!

In fact the programme has been described several times as “life changing”.