Kettlercise ®

Kettlercise ® is THE single most effective Kettlebell fat burning workout……. designed to shape and sculpt your body in as little as 20 mins for rapid fat loss & a lean toned body. It’s fun, super quick and super effective!

Total body workout using one piece of equipment – the Kettlebell.

Kettlebell exercises work the whole body as one unit, arms, torso, legs, hips and butt whilst also working cardiovascular system. A truly challenging, yet fun class.Strength, sculpt, tone and burn fat!

✔️redefines your abs ✔️melts fat

✔️ simple, easy to follow and is THE conditioning tool you need to get results fast

✔️safe fun and effective

✔️destroys the myth you need heavy weights to get the definition you want

✔️covers all levels from  beginners to advanced.

Tuesdays 6.30pm – 30 minutes LIVE in Zoom OR in the EWFit Club

Fridays 6.25am – Early Riser – 30 minutes Live in Zoom or on Facebook in the EWFit Club