What my customer's say..

“Emma started to help me even before MT4C. A friend mentioned her ‘Fit in 15’ videos and as someone who has struggled to find the right exercise to fit in around the kids this was a revelation. I hunted out some dusty weights from the garage and a pair of trainers and I was away. And then I entered the programme and it all started to come together.

I learnt so much about nutrition and what my body needs at this time of life. After 2 children and increased amount of working from home the weight had really crept on and any time I tried dieting it ended in wine-fuelled disaster.

Emma’s protein-focused approach was brilliant – kicking snacking cravings to the curb and giving me filling, nutritious things to eat that worked for me and the family. Emma’s approach is also realistic so I was able to have treats when needed and my weekend G&T without throwing myself completely off course.

Over MT4C I lost 11 pounds and 13 inches and feel physically in the best shape ever. I’ve lost almost 1.5 stone since I started ‘Fit in 15’ and feel like I have found a framework that will keep me fit, healthy and where I want to be weight-wise whilst continue to enjoy my friends and family and all that life has to throw at me.

Thank you so much Emma for setting me up for the next stage of my life. With my 40th next year its nice to know I’m the same size as on my wedding day and probably a lot slimmer and fitter!

Helen xxx”